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Our Policies

Please read and sign the policy agreement form below to consent to our photo policy, behavior policy and liability policy. All members are required to read and sign before their request for membership is approved.

Photo Policy

To protect the privacy of our children and reaffirm our core belief that parents have autonomy over their children, it is the policy of Black Homeschoolers of Birmingham that pictures posted on our private FB page should not be shared publicly without the expressed consent of parents. Additionally any group pictures taken at a BHOB sponsored event shall be credited to BHOB

Behavior Policy

Adults are responsible for our own and our children’s behavior toward one another, as we represent BHOB in our community. In addition, we are responsible to assist and redirect other children’s behavior if they misbehave when representing BHOB , in accordance with Our Beliefs. 


Please consider your child’s or guest’s age and temperament when signing up for an event to make sure it is appropriate for them. Remove your child or guest if necessary to ensure safety and to keep them from distracting other participants.

Discuss appropriate behavior with your children prior to field trips and events. Also, be willing to graciously accept reports on your child’s or guest’s behavior. Adults and children should always show respect for others, property, and behavior guidelines.

Liability Policy

Each member of BHOB agree to indemnify and hold harmless the principle agents (and their respective directors, officers, affliates, successors and assigns) from and against any and all losses, damages or expense incurred while participating in a BHOB sponsored activity, fieldtrip or class.


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